About us



About Us

Marble Marrakech has rapidly acquired an enviable reputation for the quality of its products and services in the field of stone work and continues to raise the bar in terms of quality.

We are also able to produce all types of marble with elegant and refined finishes for private individuals, but also for professionals who receive a lot of people in their establishments, in order to have an image that is suitable for their clientele. Hotels, prestigious premises, as well as villas and large properties with a swimming pool accessible via a staircase.

More modern and designer, glass can enlarge a room and really enhance it when used in colour. Often favouring marble, wood and glass, granite kitchen worktops can also be designed.

according to your wishes and your storage and space constraints. Sober, coloured, design, rustic, modern or refined, the kitchen plan must above all be ergonomic and well arranged, in order to facilitate movement and save time when preparing meals. We provide you with photos of the kitchen tops we manufacture.