Renovation & sanding of marble


Sanding marble is an essential maintenance procedure for this noble metamorphic stone, which is attractive because of its beauty and robustness. The sensitivity of marble to the various stresses it can be subjected to can be compensated for by sanding operations that will restore its shine and elegance.

Marbre Marrakech intervenes for your marble in Morocco. The methods of intervention of our company of renovation, maintenance and sanding of marble ensure you a fast and neat intervention. Our teams, experienced in sanding techniques, carry out quality work without dust for your home.

The sanding of marble is a countermeasure against the aggression of acids, greases and abrasive products.

Marble, a stone used to cover both floors and walls, is a robust limestone. However, it can be damaged by acids, grease or abrasive products and can become brittle or stained. Over time, these attacks can make it particularly dull. In order to restore the shine to this noble surface, it is essential to sand it. The sanding of marble is done with water, it does not produce dust and is therefore not harmful to the building. The moistened dust is combined to form a paste.

Impacts, dirt or stains on marble, think of sanding!

Sanding marble reaches all the impacts suffered by the stone. It makes it possible to uniform the stone and to give it back its original smooth aspect. If the marble is broken or cracked in places, Marbre Marrakech's technicians seal the gaps before starting the sanding. Sanding does not attack your marble, it restores its original refinement. The initial texture of the marble, the shades and the veining of the stone are perfectly preserved during the procedure. How to sand marble, how to succeed in sanding? Marbre Marrakech will show you how to proceed or will carry out this renovation operation for you.

Marbre Marrakech intervenes for the sanding of your marble

Marbre Marrakech, active in the renovation and maintenance of marble, responds to your request within the day. An initial telephone interview will determine the nature of the sanding to be done. A visit to the site allows us to propose a definitive estimate and to determine a date for the intervention.

Marble sanding in Morocco

Located in Marrakech, Marbre Marrakech intervenes in all the districts of the city, and can go quickly. If a first estimate can be made by phone, the intervention of marble sanding is definitively divided during an appointment on the spot, during which a date of intervention is fixed.