Maintenance of marble is a special task because of the very nature of the stone. Although its appearance is solid, its physical and chemical properties  make it relatively porous Liquids can therefore  infiltrate it by capillary action. Its carbonate crystals and limestone are sensitive to acids and alkalis and can therefore be altered by unsuitable detergents. While standard solutions can be applied for routine maintenance, exceptional soiling that may occur as a result of clumsiness must be treated with care. Your marble renovation and maintenance company provides expert service at a reasonable price. Marbre Marrakech's experienced craftsmen work with a perfect knowledge of and respect for the material.


Current marble maintenance

For the routine maintenance of your marble floor, or for that of your objects, your maintenance company gives you suitable advice. The nature and dosage of the products to be used differ from one type of marble to another, as well as its positioning. Depending on whether the marble to be maintained is located indoors in a busy area, outdoors or in a bathroom, the treatment will be different. Call your marble maintenance and renovation company for professional advice.


Exceptional marble maintenance

Some substances attack marble in depth. If the marble is attacked in depth, if superficial scratches appear, the marble will have to be repolished and sanded. Many solutions are available on the internet. Some recommend sorrel salt powder for its oxalic acid. Others advise you to make your own paste from 1/3 baking soda and 2/3 pumice powder, also known as blanc de Meudon or blanc d'Espagne, then treat with black soap.


Your marble maintenance company implements the right solutions corresponding to your incident.

Marble maintenance in Morocco

For any marble maintenance in Morocco, whether it is to be carried out regularly or punctually, call on a specialised company capable of intervening as soon as possible. Marbre Marrakech offers you its experience and know-how. The interventions and products used for marble maintenance are perfectly adapted to each situation.

Methods for cleaning marble

In order for marble to maintain its smooth and shiny appearance, it is essential to clean it regularly. Avoid chemical or overly aggressive products that may damage the stone. Meudon white mixed with water can be used to clean marble while maintaining its natural appearance. When the marble stone is very dirty, it can be cleaned with a solution composed of 25g of lime chloride, one litre of water and Spanish white. The resulting paste is applied to the marble surface, leave for an hour before rinsing with water and a soft cloth.  If the marble has tarnished or yellowed over time, it is possible to restore its original colour by cleaning it with oxalic acid dissolved in water.

Several specific products dedicated to the cleaning and protection of marble can be used :

  • Stripper
    The stripper removes all the dirt present on the marble, it can be used in the context of a renovation.
  • Stain protection
    This product waterproofs and protects marble against all types of stains, greasy or not.
  • Renovator
    The renovator or shampoo allows to  give a new look to a scratched or tarnished marble.
  • Shine Milk
    . Applied twice a month to a marble surface, shine milk preserves its natural shine.

Marbre Marrakech offers professional cleaning of all types of marble, the effectiveness of our interventions are guaranteed.

How to shine marble

To restore the natural shine of marble, use linseed oil, apply it to the surface with a microfiber cloth. Use circular motions to get the material into the veins of the stone. You can use talcum powder to bring out the shine of the marble. Clay stone mixed with carbonated water will bring out the natural shine of the marble. The liniment oléo-calcaire can make marble shine, insist on the most dull areas, the result is immediate.

Vaseline is an everyday product that can shine all your marble surfaces, apply it with a soft clean cloth. You can get a special marble wax to restore the stone to its original shine. This product also reduces the sensitivity and porosity of the marble.  Marbre Marrakech masters the latest techniques to make your marble shine quickly and durably.


Cleaning marble walls and floors

Whether black, white or veined marble beautifies your floors and walls, it gives a touch of elegance to your interior. It is vitally important to clean your marble on the walls and floor to ensure their longevity. To maintain marble without damaging it, it is essential to choose the right products to use. You can use liquid soap with a neutral PH to clean your marble walls or floors.


If the marble is stained with paint, clean it with  a clean cloth soaked in turpentine. Cornstarch helps to absorb grease stains on your marble floors. If the marble is stained, it must be cleaned urgently to prevent the stain from becoming embedded. Marble does not tolerate acidic products (lemon, soft drinks, vinegar, etc.). If despite your precautions an acidic product is spilled on the marble, it is recommended to clean it immediately with plenty of water.  Marbre Marrakech intervenes for a regular and punctual cleaning of your marble walls and floors.

Marble tables

Esthetic and contemporary, marble tables offer a real added value to your interior. Marble is a porous stone that is particularly sensitive to stains, so it requires special care. To care for your marble table, clean it with warm water and soap. Hydrogen peroxide is very effective in preserving the natural beauty of your marble table. Rinse thoroughly with clear water after using this product and let it air dry.  Avoid using an abrasive sponge or scraper on your marble table, opt for a microfiber cloth.

To prevent a stain from damaging your marble table, it is recommended to protect it by applying a waterproofing treatment to its entire surface. The product will protect the stone from all acidic and coloured substances that can modify its appearance.  Marbre Marrakech carries out the in-depth cleaning of your marble table by sanding.

Marble chimneys

Marble is a noble material, it gives cachet to your living room.  The marble fireplace is luxurious and elegant, it is timeless in terms of interior decoration.  To preserve the beauty of your marble fireplace, it is important to take it daily. A poultice made with bleached water and Meudon white can remove soot and smoke stains. Fine pumice powder can be used to clean the marble of your fireplace.


You can also use a mixture of water and baking soda or a few drops of white vinegar.  Marbre Marrakech specializes in the maintenance and cleaning of marble fireplace. A qualified professional intervenes for the sanding, polishing, crystallization and polishing of your marble on fireplace.

Marble in bathrooms

Marble gives a trendy and contemporary touch to your bathroom decor. Marble is a bright material, over time the stone is likely to tarnish and scratch, it is essential to maintain it regularly. For total protection of your marble in the bathroom, it is recommended to treat it with a waterproof product every 4 to 5 years. Sanding bathroom marble is essential for a thorough cleaning. Marbre Marrakech has the know-how and the appropriate equipment to clean all types of marble in the bathroom.