Construction & Renovation


The company Marbre Marrakech also intervenes in all regions of Morocco.

With an experience acquired with professionals, it has developed in the mastery of building trades in the construction, renovation and layout of Riad, Villa, House, Office and Pool including all the various activities such as electricity, plumbing and painting.

Our company addresses all types of customers (individuals, public organizations, association...)

Our company addresses all types of customers (individuals, public organizations, associations ...).


Riad renovation and construction

Building a Riad is about being free to choose the different forms and aspects of your new Riad.


This is about Renovating a Riad without detaching it from its original soul and history over time, while offering all the modern comforts.

The structural work includes The major works include the pitting of the plaster, the walls must be re-carpeted, remade with earth bricks and lime for a natural insulation, reinforcement in reinforced concrete for the walls and slabs, restoration of the roofs, redo the installation of sewerage network to ensure the evacuation and treatment of wastewater, plumbing and piping, while respecting the architectural plans.

A good electrical renovation is necessary.

A good electrical and computer renovation is seriously planned and anticipated. Computers, mixers, televisions and even refrigerators did not exist when the houses and Riads were first built.

Installation of heating and air conditioning system to benefit from a heating source in winter, and cool the space in summer.



You will have heard time and time again that a swimming pool is expensive, has high maintenance costs, increases taxes on the house and uses a lot of energy. Today, we're going to dispel all of these false myths about building and owning a pool one by one.




Each of our plumbing craftsmen is experienced and will take care of everything, whether it's an emergency or by appointment. Depending on your needs, we provide the right advice to suit your requirements. In addition to a quality service, our plumbers offer you rates that defy all competition. Don't hesitate to ask for a free estimate for renovation work or emergency repairs in Marrakech.




Do you want to have the condition of your electrical installation checked? Are you having a new house built and need to know the budget for electrical work? Do any of your switches or sockets need to be changed?

You want to have your electrical installation checked?

New installation, renovation or repair: discover the different types of electrical installation work. Find out about the price of an electrical installation, get in touch with the best professional electricians in your area and get several electrical installation quotes for your construction or renovation project.